this comp kills facists vol II




relapse: this comp kills facists vol II (not yet released)


released 01 January 2010



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Track Name: my grandmas fucking a tranny from alaska
goddamn my panties look good on you. now im 65 and ive never felt so alive but ive wasted so much time, threw the etiquette book out the window, lust for sexual innuendo, all caution to the wind, let the ass play begin, silenced and repressed i wanna fuck the way i like best, get lost in fuck, i need it gritty and real, no longer under his thumb, just living with skin under nails.
Track Name: you'll see 8 year olds in hell
these callous words slip in right through the door, ive had a wave of memory, a flash of this before, thick gray clouds and dancing grain, then pouring rain, a child, a champion, a chill, an estranged will, around the tithe bowl a whisper spills, a multitude rise sheltered in walls "alive". poisoned by bread and blood leached by tongues above, but i ride on the night where i cut my teeth and the lord does bequeath the bowels of hell wont consume this young heart, thus spoke the youth.